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Durham Region is a rapidly growing, diverse community. Today’s crimes are more complex and, often times, span beyond our borders.

Members of Durham Regional Police Service work with local service groups and emergency services every day to ensure the safety of our community. From our Auxiliary members volunteering their time at community events to officers interacting on a daily basis with children, everyone plays a role in community safety. By attending the 20th Annual Durham Regional Police Appreciation and Awards Dinner, you will help us invest in the community where we live, work, and play including training Victim Service volunteers; fund community and sporting events with patients at Whitby Shores and support a hockey program for at-risk youth. The projects and events supported by PADAN are many and would not be possible without support from you. More than $1.5 million has been raised to ensure officers have the tools they need to tackle crimes and build bridges with the people they serve.

Funding from this event has helped to support Durham’s proactive approach to policing.

SAVE THE DATE: October 24, 2024




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